How to master current affairs for TNPSC Group 1, 2, 2A, Group 4

How to prepare current affairs for TNPSC Exams

How to prepare current affairs?

Study newspaper daily. it’s the thing everyone say..if you can do it otherwise try to study weekly”..

Only exam point of view”

Studying is easy, but to remembering it for a long time is difficult.That’s where everyone lacking in current affairs – its a booster for some other person.

If you want to remember current affairs, you have to study it 3 or more time than reading its only once.. Reading twice helps you in eliminating the wrong one.

Reading once will let to you in confusion and contradiction to the correct answer.


Use mnemonics or other memory techniques available in the net.

Use memory masters mnemonics it’s easy to go, but it needs practice

Rome cant be build in a day

2.Self meaning system

For that use self meaning system which means changing the pattern into your views.

Example. If you like some actor, play that news in their voice.I t sounds stupid but it works 100%. Come out and Play with your Studying time.


For some names in appointments repeat the name it will sound like different and easy for you to remember so take that name use it as key to remember

For other things make it vulgar and for your taste

For remembering name

  • Try similar things

                   1.Use the first name and last name connect it form a word use it as a key

  • In this part

                   2. Use the name of one to your friend other to your next friend if I remember one friend you will get the answer

3.For remembering number use the memory champions method, available in the net

I will provide the link..

Join 2 or 3 information to a common topic and relate it to everything around you


   If you take

Nalanda University

  • Built by – kumaragupta
  • Renovated by – dharmapala
  • Destroyed by – baktiyar khiljli

It came to shine when Harsha on throne

Like you can do…

Events and State news:

Sort everything by states, you can cram it easily.

Hard Work pays, but some smart work done to that.

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