How to clear Group4 exam in First Attempt – Expert Advice

Clearing any govertment exam is possible, All you need is an focus and hardwwork.

Concentrate on this exam only, let have a my story of clearing the Group 4 2018 exam.

I cleared CCSE (Group – 4) – 4 Exam in my second attempt, Howi cleared this exam in high marks.

All i did was two things – i studied daily and took test daily on each topics.

As far we need to asess the conditions of our strenght and weakness. i myself weak in some subjects like geography and chemistry. But i didnt left that part.

The key io used here is I found the areas where i am stronger. For example, i am strong in language and Aptitude.

In General english . I got 95+ and in Aptitude, i got 22. so i made my first move brighter and stronger. remaining i am good at science subjects and studied more harder on my wealer sections.

i took classess in a reputed coaching centre, while doing these thing i got enormous exposure to students like me. I learned certain tricks from them and certain trick i created for thme.

So I did it, so you can also, i will give a simple time table for both full time friends and Ofice going friends.

Now i am working in Commercial tax, the Goverment Job, i love it.

so don’t lose hope, start preparing today

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